Artist Killed by Art – 10 Ways to die

··· Artist killed by Art


Where are you willing to go the artist by art? To what extent can such passion be abandoned? This performance flies over the dedication and persistence of the artist by his art, enjoying a totally priority level becomes a way of life already inevitable. Thus, different and opposite to many conventions and commonly marked in society as Bohemian or crazy, the artist must remain among tightrope to avoid this “madness” becomes the path toward self-destruction.
XY, as an artist, questions such obsession-love by the art and the danger of prioritize the act of create on other needs, and she translates it into the project here presented with a tragic and fatalistic scene but characterized with a multi-colourful and vitalist style.
1 – THIRST – Cup of paint we can not reach. Dehydration. Don’t forget to drink, you can not live without water.
2 – HUNGER – Dish in which the painting replaces food. Although you are very comfortable living painting and creating, as animal you are, you can not live without food.
3 – STORM – Disasters, hurricanes, weather, cold, heat, nature is over us… and do not forget your coat when is freezing!
4 – ACCIDENT – The Masterpiece falls on its creator and kills him.
5 – WAR – Between artists there are no shots that don’t hurt. Ego sharpen knives.
6 – ELECTRIC CHAIR – The art auction has condemned you, you are not enough productive. Or your art or ideology is not accepted by those who “manage”.
7 – CHINESE TORTURE – Not having ideas, becoming pigeonholed, collapsed,… The drop does not flow, just falls. Agony in monotony.
8 – GAS INTOXICATION – While you are building your great masterpiece, things you can not see can kill you. Pay attention.
9 – OVERDOSE – Art is a drug. Poisoned by spray, smoking the plastidecor… perhaps you are not on the right track.
– “Love / Schizophrenia” (Photos of The Wall, XY photographer)
Your studio looks like a mathematician’s office, and your brain like a mathematician’s one. You are unable to demonstrate the existence of colours.
– “Identity crisis” (Photos of Gorka Morgan, Tujus, etc. XY model)
Who are you? I do not recognize myself. Missing the “being” for “being” artist.

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