Full name

Xiscalina Yular


Born in Mallorca in 1986, Xiscalina Yular has a degree in Mathematics and a miscellaneous career as artist.
From childhood she has been studying music, dance and painting, participating in several plays, and in 2006 founded Onomatopeyaka
Photo Studio. During her higher education XY takes several projects on mathematics of music and mathematical photography for important institutions such as the “Generalitat de Catalunya” or the University of Lisbon, and as a poetess and photographer she is finalist in several competitions and awards.
She has also done numerous performances and art exhibitions in different Spanish cities and other countries like the USA or Mexico, where she worked CARA A CARA, an ambitious painting project with Guille Moreno Mirallas. THE WALL is one of their meaningful individual projects, whose pictures are worldwide. In 2014 she transformed this photo project into the performance art and interaction. Since then, she has been working really hard the conceptual art through performance, dance and music. Their latest proposals as OCCBUTO, INFINITE-D, NO DANCE or OUT OF BODY are more sensorial, and they mean pure abstract concept and surprise as each one is totally different and unique. NEOPAGESA is a project that implies different kinds of performance reflecting herself in a conceptual way.

2018: NEOPAGESA - Photography and Performance

2017: Tesis about Music Research and Statistics for UNIR.
2017: Interview for Revista Antropika.
2017: OUT OF BODY - Music Performance and Installation at the Auditorium of Porreres

2016: +ROOM - Poetry and Performance at Centre Cultural Casa Planas, Mallorca
2016: NEOPAGESA - Live painting at Tastart'16, Mallorca
2016: INFINITE-D – Multisensory experience at ArtNitCampos'16
2016: OCCBUTO – Workshop and performance in Slow Art Nit, Palma de Mallorca
2016: Artistic work at Yamamizuki, Shikoku, Japan
2016: What's dance? - Stage in Kyoto
2016: NO DANCE - Performance in Urbanguild for Kyoto Experiment'16, Japan

2015: PALABRAS ERUCDITAS – Slam Poetry and other performances
2015: Bottle design for Jägermeister – Exhibition at Nit de l'Art Palma
2015: ARTIST KILLED BY ART "10 maneras de morir" – Performance for Pre-Nit de l'Art Palma
2015: NI YEGUA NI CHACHA – Performance for the festival "Mucha Muchacha"
2015: Live painting in ArtNitCampos'15
2015: PALABRAS ERUCDITAS – Poetry performance in "Una Lluna d'Art" Sóller
2015: PRODUCTE BALEAR – Dancer in David Goode Hill's project in Artdemossa'15
2015: Dance & Architecture workshop and show with Dana Pala
2015: THE WALL – Photography in Senegal and Spain
2015: LAMIN – Photo project in Cassamance (Senegal)
2015: GANJAH – Photo project in Cassamance (Senegal)
2015: AFRO Dance stage with the Cia. Foret Sacreé, Senegal
2015: Photo shoot as model for the photographer Gorka Morgan

2014: THE WALL – Photography in Cuba, Berlin, Valencia, etc.
2014: Photo shoot as model for the artist Marcelo Viquez
2014: “The Wall is Now The Artist” – THE WALL Performance in ArtNitCampos'14
2014: PALABRAS ERUCDITAS performance in Palma de Mallorca
2014: CARA A CARA Collective exhibition in Cas Notari Gallery (Mallorca)
2014: PATRIA O MUERTE Photo project in Cuba
2014: RETRATO-ENTORNO Photo project in Cuba

2013: THE WALL – Photography in Scandinavia, Indonesia, Madrid, etc.
2013: CARA A CARA Solo exhibition in an old church turned into an exhibition room “L’Església Antiga” – Ses Salines (Mallorca)
2013: Interactive installation "The Wall is Now Yours" at ArtNitCampos‘13
2013: Finalist for the International Photography Competition FotoEdib’13 with “Eu Vivo”
2013: CARA A CARA Solo exhibition at ArteArtesanía Gallery (Sóller, Mallorca)
2013: Poetry reading PALABRAS ERUCDITAS in ArteArtesanía (Mallorca)

2012: THE WALL – Photography in Brasil, Barcelona…
2012: Video-exhibition “The Wall is The World”
at ArtNitCampos‘12
2012: CARA A CARA Solo exhibition at ArtNitCampos’12
2012: Solo photo exhibition in Velvet Sweatshop because of Sónar Festival ’12 by BrickLane BCN (Barcelona)
2012: Finalist for the International Photography Competition INNOVATIO with “Innovación 3” and publication on the catalogue
2012: Publication by Pompeu Fabra University of her postgraduate thesis “Gold Number and its educational application”. http://repositori.upf.edu/handle/10230/17142

2011: THE WALL – Photography in USA, México, Guatemala…
2011: CARA A CARA Solo exhibition in the “Auditori Municipal" in Porreres (Mallorca)
2011: Participant of the “Sketch Tuesdays” at 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco (California, USA)
2011: CARA A CARA Solo exhibition at the HEIST Gallery in Downtown, San Francisco (California, USA)
2011: CARA A CARA Collective exhibition and action-painting in the “Fillmore 1307” Gallery during the Fillmore Jazz Festival of San Francisco (California, USA)
2011: CARA A CARA Individual exhibition and presentation of the project in L’ACHÉ Gallery (Guadalajara, Mexico)
2011: Awarded from ENFOCA International photo contest by Asociación SHARE with “Sabiduría”

2010: THE WALL is beginning to emerge as photography project
2010: Solo photo show in the “PIJ S’Horta” (Barcelona)
2010: Performance “Fermat Theorem” in the University of Barcelona (UB)
2010: Solo painting exhibition in “Sa Cova Gallery” (Mallorca)
2010: Collective photo exhibition at the UNTITLED Gallery (Barcelona)
2010: Project on pedagogy for families using mathematical photography published by CREAMAT
2010: Collective photo exhibition in “Hemisferio Sur” (Zaragoza)

2009: Collective painting exhibition in the gallery “Can Manresa” (Santanyí, Mallorca)
2009: “Historias dos temperamentos”, music and maths project published by the IST – Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal)
2009: “Grupos lineais na Música”, mathematic project tutoring by the
UdL – Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal)
2008: Onomatopeyaka exhibition in “Recasens” (BCN)
2007: Onomatopeyaka exhibition in “Sa Cova Gallery”, Santanyí (Mallorca)
2007: Onomatopeyaka exhibition in “Es Guixot” (BCN)
2007: Onomatopeyaka exhibition in “Es Passadis” (BCN)
2006: Onomatopeyaka exhibition in “Lola Mora” (BCN)


Photography, Painting, Writing, Performance, Dance...